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JeffreyHello, I am Jeffrey Shaw I am very certain you will find New Zealand Shipping to your satisfaction particularly if you are involved in primary, secondary and tertiary industries that revolve around importing / exporting / shipping / insurance / radio / so whether its for business or personal, I suggest you bookmark 

AustraliaShipping goods to or from New Zealand check out our Shipping pages. For businesses we offer a wide range for Shipping services with Commercial LCL, FCL, Ro Ro and a Breakbulk service. For Personal shippers we can also assist with an LCL and FCL service for Personal Effects, Household Goods and Furniture. For Vehicles, Cars, Utes, 4WD's, Camper Vans, Caravans, Boats, Mobile Homes, Trucks, Horse Floats etc we have a Roll on Roll of (Ro-Ro) service. Plenty of helpful information about shipping for Importers and exporters can be found on the Shipping pages too.

You will find our products and services are priced either in New Zealand or Australian dollars with many FREE complimentary on - line services to assist you in your purchase, shipping and insurance requirements.

All pages on New Zealand Shipping have a heading that will advise you what Page you are on as well as the blue menu bar and hyperlinks that will link you to pages within our site.

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