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Jeffrey Shaw, Australian Photographer.

For those of you who have heard about Australia but not had the opportunity to visit our vibrant land we asked Jeffrey Shaw to provide us with his collection of Australia that you can utilise in your club house, professional offices, reception, board room, hall ways, galleries, dining & living areas even the humble wash room.

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If it's a new dwelling or you are renovating your home, apartment, unit, town house, hotels, motels, parliament house, embassy and consulate, office, caravan, mobile home or a boat and you need something that is alive and colourful then you have found your way home.

If you are looking for that new fresh and vibrant design that can go on your greeting cards, mobile iPhone 4-6 and galaxy 4-5 cases, or perhaps a throw pillow cushion that come in two sizes 35 cm x 35 cm or 50 cm x 35 cm or master canvas print that can fill a wall space of your main or spare bedroom, that comes in six (6) sizes ranging from 30 cm x 17 cm up to 76 cm x 43 cm.

I was impressed with the new metal print that comes in five (5) sizes starting from 36 cm x 20 cm and up to 76 cm x 43 cm that can be used in wet areas like wash rooms, workshops, boats, pool and spas areas or as a feature in whatever space you consider sacred.

Australia is a sun country with two seasons the wet or the dry, our folk take to the beaches and the bush (country side) space is something that leaves a deep impression when you get out of our cities and you bear witness to our night sky as we open directly into the epicentre of our very own Milky Way offering a kaleidoscope of stars.

Australia has unique animals such as the Emu, Kangaroo, Wallaby, Bilby, Koala, Storm Bird, Crocodile, Platypus, Snakes, Spiders, Dingoes I have managed to get a few for you to have in your energy field.

I trust a piece of my/our Australia will endure for generations within your family tree Love and best wishes

Jeffrey Shaw


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I wish a safe and prosperous journey for you and your loved ones.